Hey there! I’m Tessa Shahid -- corporate project manager by day, strategic planning consultant by destiny. I am a PMP- and CSM-certified IT project manager overseeing a $12M portfolio of programs and projects, and have managed multimillion-dollar portfolios for various Fortune 500 companies.

Ain’t Nothing Like a Superwoman with a Strategy

I am the Marie Kondo of all things strategic planning and project management. I speak with my hands and plan with sticky notes. My Execution Readiness Framework ™ was created to help you clarify your next best step, align your ideas and create data driven goals, and most importantly identify the resources (time, money, expertise, people, systems), you need to bring the goals to fruition.
While working as a marketing director and freelancer, I was able to identify the universal problem that hinders many small business owners and F500 companies from achieving their goals: lack of structure.

Many of my clients struggled with poor resource and capacity planning, failed launches, delayed projects, and decreased quality of work and output. I wanted to help them address the root cause of their problem by identifying gaps and risks in their strategy, rather than just helping them put the icing on top (marketing). It was then that I discovered my true passion and purpose in strategic planning and project management.


My resources and services are for you if you are a corporate sider hustler with a profitable business who's looking to decrease overwhelm and maximize output. If you are in need of structure, clarity, and direction. You value time, quality, convenience, results, expertise, and peace of mind. You need a step-by-step plan to manage your daily tasks and/or launch your latest offering. Most importantly? You know your strengths and mapping out a detailed plan isn't one of them. 

As your Focus Cultivator & Project Managementor, I help you to clarify your next best step to becoming the Boss of Balance in your career and business. No more juggling between half-empty planners, notebooks, and project management tools. No more feeling burnt out from trying to balance your corporate job and business. Together, we will map out a strategy to help you identify areas of opportunity, execute your goals, and operate seamlessly in your zone of genius. Let's chat!

Why I'm a great fit 

Now, I teach Superwoman Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs like you how to eliminate busywork, streamline tasks and maximize output in your corporate and entrepreneurial roles

Convincing my hubby it's finally time for a puppy  

Hosting a strategic planning podcast for entrepreneurial superwomen

Teaching entrepreneurial superwomen how to prioritize their personal time with strategic planning in business

Creating an inviting home with purposeful interior design 

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Live music and new cultures 

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