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The podcast for overwhelmed side hustlers and entrepreneurs who are ready to improve the stop and go of their disjointed efforts. 

About The Strategic Planner Podcast

The Strategic Planner Podcast was created to provide entrepreneurs and corporate side hustlers who are building proven and profitable businesses with strategic planning and project management hacks, tips, and best practices. The number one goal is to decrease your overwhelm, maximize your output, and plan your next best step so you can grow your business.

I created this podcast to help you unleash, translate, and organize your sticky notes, unfinished planners, and half-empty notebooks into a plan that you can execute. My number one goal is to help you take your next best step, decrease your overwhelm, and manage your resources so that you can accomplish your business goals. You can expect to hear strategic planning and project management tips, hacks, and best practices with a sprinkle of interviews weekly. 

I’m Tessa - your podcast hostess, focus cultivator & Project Managementor

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"I listened to your podcast this morning. I enjoyed it and have some great take a ways. The biggest was that I work through a straw perspective instead of a funnel. So, on Friday, I’m going to take some time to step out of the weeds to work on some strategic big picture planning. ☺️" — Alessandra P.

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