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I come with a white board, multitude of sticky notes, a love for planning, and most importantly 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-market companies. I've spent this time asking risk mitigating, vision building, and goal break down questions that has helped me plan for, manage, and execute projects from retail store overhauls to multi-million dollar digital transformation projects. 

Teach Me Your Ways, Tessa!

Imagine a life where your days are well-planned and structured to the point where you can effectively meet your goals and generate more income. Imagine a life where you have a healthy balance between your business, full-time job and personal life. Sounds like heaven, right? Trust me, it is. Let me show you how to get there.what you need is strategy, my Execution Readiness Framework & a little bit of me 

Ready to take your next Best step? 

Social media has pressured us into believing we have to be full-time entrepreneurs to be successful. But you don’t have to give up your career to run your business -- you just need the right tools and systems in place to do #allthethings while managing both. 


Increased productivity and time management to accomplish your goals.

Systems and processes to help eliminate busywork and execute your vision.

The ability to expand your brand and diversify your income while making strides in your corporate career.

The flexibility to structure and design your days as you please without all the burnout and overwhelm.

You're Currently looking for. . . 

The peace of mind, clarity and confidence to operate in your zone of genius.

Yes, please!

This option is for my clients who need a little extra TLC and to be held accountable for implementing and executing their plan, as well as delegating tasks to their team (if they have one). During our weekly accountability sessions, we’ll address challenges you may be facing in your implementation and execution, helping you save time, cut down on decision fatigue, and analysis paralysis.


Learn More

An impactful experience for all my Superwoman Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs who are running profitable businesses but need help organizing their ideas, projects and goals. During this 6-hour intensive, we’ll walk through my 4-step framework to develop a comprehensive plan for the next 12 months of your business. This plan will be delivered (with an invisible bow) in a customized project management tool and PDF. Other goodies include project management tutorials and done-for-you templates, 14 days of email support and a 60-minute debrief and review session. 

Planning Intensive 

Book Your Call!

If you need quick clarity and next steps for a roadblock, project, launch or goal, my 90-minute strategy call is for you. It’s a consultation on steroids. We’ll do an in-depth review of your application and homework to determine and outline the next best steps for where you are and what you’re experiencing in your business. You'll receive a action plan of next steps and resources. 

Strategy Call

Look No Further, Sis! Here are three ways I can help get you together: 

"Working with Tessa to plan out my goals was a phenomenal experience."

"I had the actual goals that I wanted to achieve, but I didn't have a physical plan in place. She easily helped me create the tasks for each goal, and plan out when I would work on everything over the span of the year. I left the session feeling confident, organized, and, best of all, my goals and tasks have been streamlined so I know exactly what I need to do to reach my goals this year. " - Kimberly Cummings

"Before working with Tessa, I was overwhelmed with so much to do in my business."

 "I was operating as an assistant, social media specialist, accountant, creative specialist, and more. I had so much on my plate that I couldn't focus on money-making tasks for my business. After working with Tessa I was able to focus more on what I needed to do in my business (like working on tasks to generate income) and create a schedule + strategic to-do list to "knockout" my tasks!" - Teneka Steed

"Tessa was amazing to work with. Not only is she responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly but she is efficient."

"She helped our team implement a new project management tool that once integrated increased productivity and efficiency. Working with Tessa was truly a wonderful experience!" - Brittney Bogues 

"I’m confident in moving forward" 

"I can absolutely thank Tessa for her guidance and commitment to getting me where I needed to be. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs to manage their projects, streamline their processes, and get their business in a more strategic format. Thank You, Tessa… for everything!" - Shana Price 

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